1.      General terms

1.1.   Partan.eu is a website of electronic market in car accessories which provides its users with a possibility to publish items on offer and to conclude electronic buy-sell agreements (hereinafter Partan.eu; the Site).

1.2.   Partan.eu is governed by UAB “Pabaltijo automobilių prekyba”, CC 300044291, address: Ašmenos 1-oji g. 31, Kaunas, Lithuania, tel. +37067627060, e-mail: pap@pap.lt (hereinafter the Service Provider).

1.3.   Users who choose to use Partan.eu, to publish items on offer, and to make sales while using the Partan.eu electronic store must sign up. There are three types of registration on Partan.eu: common users (purchasers), sellers, and Premium sellers. The users may use different functions of the Site depending on the type of registration. 

1.4.   Partan.eu users confirm that they have read these Terms and agree to comply with the Terms.

1.5.   The Service Provider may change the Terms at any time, informing the users on the Partan.eu site.

2. Registration and types of the site users

2.1.   Both natural and juridical persons may sign up, excluding the exception of Premium sellers.

2.2.   Registered users are distinguished into common users, sellers, and Premium sellers:

2.2.1.  The common users may only buy items on the site;

2.2.2.  The sellers may publish sales advertisements;

2.2.3.  Premium sellers may publish advertisements and make sales while using the Partan.eu electronic store.

2.3.   A Premium seller must pay for the status the amount of money fixed by the Service Provider. Only a juridical person may be a Premium seller. Premium sellers have not only the right to make sales in the Partan.eu electronic store but also they are appointed a possibility to create up to three user accounts of unique names. Each user profile shares sales advertisements and their status only of one user profile. An extra charge is required if a Premium seller chooses to use more than three user profiles.

2.4.   Common users sign up by listing necessary information at a time of buying an item.

2.5.   There are two stages of registration procedure for the sellers: 1) to click on the corresponding registration link, to list necessary information, and, if needed, to choose a Premium seller status; 2) the agreement of electronic service and the appendices of the agreement, where the extent of the service is stated, are delivered to the seller online.

2.6.   In a case of a juridical person, the agreement is signed by the head of the company, sealed accordingly, and delivered directly or via registered mail to the Service Provider. A natural person must present the signed documents and a copy of his/her identity document verification to the Service Provider directly or via registered mail. Registration is considered to be completed and the seller’s profile is activated by the next day when the documents mentioned above are received.

3.      Paid service

3.1.   All services and fees for a Premium seller membership are stated on the site under a column “Services”.

3.2.   When a payment is received for a certain service, the money is not refundable.

4.      Requirements for advertising content and form

4.1.   When publishing an advertisement, the user is responsible for the content and its correspondence with legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. When advertising data, the seller confirms and guarantees that the content meets the requirements of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the information published is correct, clear, precise, and accurate, i.e. characteristics, quality, cost, producer and technical characteristics of the item are mentioned; photographs of the item must depict the item on offer.

4.2.   In a typical case, quality and warranty of the item are stated in the advertisement while the seller marks whether the item is new or used:

4.2.1. A new item has no defects and is ready to use according to its purpose. The seller provides a 2-year warranty for such an item.

4.2.2. A used item may have external defects; however, it is ready to use according to its purpose. A warranty for a used item is provided, however, a period of this warranty is not defined, unless it is stated otherwise in the advertisment.

4.3.   Nevertheless, without typical characteristics mentioned above, the seller may state additional features of the item and other data that may provide the purchaser with significant information.

4.4.   Partan.eu allows the users to publish advertisements only for parts of vehicles.

4.5.   It is forbidden for the seller to publish buying, exchanging, or other non-parts of vehicle related advertisements.

4.6.   One advertisements may contain information about one item only; however, the amount of the same items on offer, that share the same characteristics, is not limited in one advertisement.

4.7.   Partan.eu forbids to publish advertisements that state the following content:

4.7.1. If intellectual property rights were infringed (design, brand or copyrights);

4.7.2.  If there were insults, defamation, discrimination, or the encouragement of hatred

4.7.3.  If the right of privacy (personal data, address, etc.), portrait, name, honor and dignity, and professional reputation are infringed.

5.      The process of purchasing an item, delivery, and evaluation system

5.1.   The seller, who sells an item in the Partan.eu electronic store, must indicate preferable payment and delivery methods, cost, and date while publishing the advertisement.

5.2.   Payment for the items is made via Paypal, mokėjimai.lt system, or while picking up the item.

5.3.   The user who selects an item and wishes to purchase it in the electronic store on the Site must sign up. Contact information entered during registration must be correct and the user must conclude the Online Buy-Sell Agreement by ticking “I agree to comply with the terms of this agreement”. Confirmation of the agreement and payment of the item form buy-sell civilian relations between the seller and the purchaser as well as corresponding rights and responsibilities.

5.4.   In order to assure the implementation of the buy-sell agreements concluded via Partan.eu electronic store and the reliability of the seller that is presented to the potential purchasers a ranking system is used, where registered users may evaluate the seller according to the ranking system of 5. Other users may see the average of ranking of a certain seller in the advertisement of the item.

6.      Disclaimer

6.1.   The Service Provider provides advertising space on the Partan.eu website together with a possibility to conclude buy-sell agreements via the Partan.eu store; therefore, the Service Provider is not responsible for any agreement violation performed by a purchaser or a seller and any monetary and non-monetary damages or any other negative outcomes experienced by a third party.

6.2.   Accordingly, the Service Provider is not responsible if the payment for the item is not made, the item is not delivered or the delivery period is violated, the amount of the items or their stock does not match the payment, the item does not match the characteristics or look presented in the advertisement, the item quality is not satisfactory, etc. 

6.3.   The Service Provider is not responsible for the content of the advertisements and veracity of personal information presented by the users; therefore, the Service Provider is not responsible for any damages or negative outcomes for users or third party caused by the factors mentioned above.

6.4.   Nevertheless, in a case of an argument, the Service Provider undertakes to present all the information available about a certain advertisement or other argument party to a buy-sell agreement, which is concluded through Partan.eu store, party.

6.5.   The Service Provider is responsible only for the technical uploading of the advertisement information to Partan.eu and effective operation of Partan.eu. Partan.eu is considered to be in full operation if the Site and all its functions operate 90% a year.

6.6.   The Service Provider is not responsible for Partan.eu operation troubles if they are not cause by the Service Provider.

6.7.   The Service Provider is not responsible for the damages if other parties use personal identification to the Site information of a user (user name; password).

7.      Terms and conditions violation

7.1.   The Service Provider without warning in advance may remove, edit, block, or edit visibility of any advertisement which does not comply with the Terms or requirements of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or, according to the Service Provider, has negative impact on honor, dignity, and professional reputation of the Service provider, related companies, or other parties. Beside these measures, the service Provider may determine the user’s connection to Partan.eu or restrict the use of Partan.eu service.

7.2.   In a case of sanction of the Service Provider, the user is informed via e-mail, which is listed during the registration.

8.      Personal information protection

8.1.   The user lists his/her personal information on Partan.eu according to freewill and agrees that the information would be stored on the Site for a 2-year period counting from the last day of logging in the system. Accordingly, the user assures and agrees that his/her contact information will be accessible to other Partan.eu users.

8.2.   Personal information is arranged in order to provide services to the users effectively; advertising information and databases are arranged because of administration of sales agreements.

8.3.   The users have a right to get acquainted with their personal information and its arranging processes; to request a cancellation of their personal information; to suspend the arranging of their personal information when the processes violate the Terms, except in a case of information storage; to disagree that their personal information would continue to be organized. 

8.4.   The user agrees that the system registers the user’s computer IP address and date and time when signing up and logging in.

8.5.   The Service Provider undertakes not to display the users’ personal information to the third parties, except cases indicated in the Terms and in legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania or the European Union.

8.6.   Complying with the Terms, the user confirms that s/he gives the right to the Service Provider to send commercial proposals and informative announcements to the user, except the user refuses to receive such proposals by informing the Service Provider on paper.

9.      Applicable law

9.1.   The applicable law for all arguments between the Service Provider and the user is the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.2.   In a case of failing to solve the arguments on the basis of non-judicial system, the arguments are send to the Republic of Lithuania and examined in court according to the competence and the registered address of the Service Provider.